Vida Verde Internships

Vida Verde provides seasonal internships every year for aspiring farmers and food enthusiasts.  If you intern with us, you will work alongside us on every aspect of our operation: planting, harvesting, projects, markets, deliveries, tours, etc.  Our interns are a part of the crew and family, and our goal is to help every intern realize his or her aspirations as the next generation of farmers.  If you are interested in interning with us, please e-mail us at or visit our listing on ATTRA.


Why intern?

The average age of American farmers is currently 58, and most aspiring farmers lack direction and options for training and experience.  What kind of operation fits you best?  What do you need to start your own farm?  What manner of market works for you?  We take pride in working to train young farmers and provide diverse exposure.  Our interns experience selling at farmers markets, delivering and harvesting for restaurants, and managing a CSA.  They become a part of the broader New Mexico agricultural community, in which they can learn from ranchers, flower farmers, permaculturalists, and other vegetable growers.